Студия живописи и рисунка в Санкт-Петербурге - МЫ УЧИМ РИСОВАТЬ

Обучение рисунку, живописи и композиции - Ласковая Земля


We teach the basics of academic drawing, painting and composition.

Through our lessons, you will learn the rules of drawing construction, the laws of perspective and lighting.

We will tell you about the laws of “warmth” and “coldness”, help you work out sense of tint and color, “set up” your hand and start developing your eye sketch work.

The rules of forming-up a correct composition, which is a combination of large and small, the plastic of the depicted are also included in the teaching process.

We refer to the great examples of the past as well as we help you assimilate modern trends of fine art.

Scratching, sketching and continuous set-ups of live models are combined with working over still-lives, drapes, ornaments and alabaster aids.

Every student is treated individually — according to his or her tasks and capabilities, a tailor-made plan is outlined.

Classes interchange with “homework”, workshop studies — with outdoor lessons.

People of any age and most different professional backgrounds visit or classes.

We can help you prepare for entering an art school, a college or a high school.

If your desire is to work “for oneself”, it is also possible in our workshop.

Just come!

All those, who wish to learn drawing, painting and composition, are invited to join groups of pre-academic studying for entering art schools, colleges and high schools. Experienced teachers (members of The Union of Russian Artists), individual approach.

Studio: (812) 526-71-61

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