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Olga Khoroshev, a noted Petersburg painter.

In 1981 graduated from the Art Academy (Repin’s Institute, Moiseenko’s workshop)

Since 1981 has been a constant participant in artistic exhibitions.

Since 1990 is a member of The Union of Russian Artists. A constant participant in artistic exhibitions (all-Russia, festival, foreign ones…) as well as art projects (displays in the Union of Saint Petersburg Artists, Art-index projects, art-fairs in LenExpo…)

Painter’s works are on displays in museums (City Defense Museum etc.), galleries and private collections in Russia, France, Great Britain, Germany, the USA, China, Norway, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Switzerland.

Occupied in continuous teaching activity.

Olga Khoroshev expresses her understanding of the world through the prism of female and child characters. The plastic and harmony, spirituality and flutter fill her pictures with warmth and sunlight. A great deal of working in the open-air defines the outline of her canvases. Clear vision allows her each time find a new palette and compositional decisions.

The softness and subtlety of female perception of the world combine well with the imagery of her paintings. The maternal tenderness, the charm of childish images radiating sparkling energy make up the world, loving and defending everyone…

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