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Nadezhda Nachev, a noted Petersburg artist.
Since 2001 has been taking part in art exhibitions and projects, exhibiting her works in Petersburg galleries (displays in the Union of Artists of Saint Petersburg, Art-index projects, art-fairs in LenExpo…)

The painter’s works are to be found in private collections in Russia, Great Britain, China and Estonia.

Exquisite in their painting quality Nadezhda’s works attract beholder’s attention by their charm and exclusiveness of execution.

It is remarkable how the ornamentation of her vision and openness of colors get along with the richness of decoration and the beauty of texture.

Compositional solutions are always precise, thought-through and at the same time simple and natural.

In each one of her even most decent works, we feel the breath of the Universe calling us to harmony and unifying us with the beauty.

NADEZHDA NACHEV - художник - Ласковая Земля
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