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Anatoly Nachev, a noted Petersburg painter.

Graduated from the Art Academy (Repin’s Institute, Zaitsev’s workshop) in 1978.

Since 1978 has been a constant participant in artistic exhibitions.

Since 1985 is a member of the Union of Russian Artists. A constant participant in artistic (all-Russia, Republic, Regional and Foreign) exhibitions as well as art-projects (Saint Petersburg Artists’ Union, Art-index projects, art-fairs in LenExpo).

Painter’s works are kept in museums, galleries and private collections in Russia, France, Israel, Great Britain, Germany, the USA, China and Norway.

Since 1978 has been teaching on a permanent basis. (the Herzen State Teaching University, the Baltic Ecological Institute of Justice and Politics)

Paintings and graphics: personal portraits and monumental compositions, delicate sketches and professional copies, as well as painter’s favorite genre – landscape, open for us the world full of beauty and harmony.

Anatoly Nachev continues the lineage of the lyrical landscape style so characteristic for Russian art, staying at the same time an original master perfecting his creative manner.

The musicality of the rhythm and sonorous saturation of the color give his works a certain degree of a fairy tale and ornamentality.

The painter renders delicately and precisely moods of the nature and feeling of the endless tour round our Kind Land…

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